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Since 2000, Robinson & Associates Law Office, LLC has ensured that the rights of employees are protected. We have a nationwide reputation for successfully representing clients in a variety of cases.I am employment attorney Jennifer Robinson and with over 20 years of experience, I can readily see when an employer is breaking the law or abusing the system.

Pursuing Justice For The Underdog

While most of us do not see ourselves as the underdog, when it comes to fighting a corporation, large business or even a bullying boss, we need help. Our employment laws are based on the idea that everyone gets a fair shake and is treated fairly at work. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with employers, especially employers that know that their employees need the job and the income. My firm is here to ensure that employers both big and small play by the rules and do not take advantage of you.

A Passionate Advocate

We have come a long way since the grueling hours and unsafe conditions of the sweatshops of the turn of the century, but we still have a long way to go. Retail, office and factory workers still do not always get their required breaks or overtime pay. There are still egregious instances of harassment and discrimination. As an employment attorney, it is my passion and my job to seek justice for people who do not have the support and legal knowledge they need to fight for what is lawful and right. I have a long history of success in trial settlements and a solid reputation among my peers, the courts and, most importantly, my clients.

A Growing Firm

There is a great need for legal support and services, and Robinson & Associates is meeting that need by working with other attorneys and expanding our services. We offer compassionate, reliable and aggressive representation. Our team is fearless in our pursuit for justice for you.

Committed To Excellent Service

I am attorney Jennifer Robinson, and I founded Robinson & Associates Law Office, LLC, in 2000. We're located in Aurora and serve the Denver metro area as well as Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Fort Collins and surrounding areas. I have practiced law since 1994. With more than two decades of focused employment law experience, I, along with my team, have successfully litigated all types of employment claims against some of the nation's largest companies.

We are also complemented by Gwendolyn Burton, MBA. Ms. Burton offers more than a quarter century of professional experience and support to our clients. Gwendolyn  manages our office and serves clients as an experienced paralegal. Because she has worked with hundreds of clients on hundreds of cases, you are in good hands with Gwendolyn.

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